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EZ Import Export services are designed to help foreign companies enter the U.S. market. We can assist you in locating distributors, buyers and wholesalers of your products. Your company can focus on manufacturing your products, while we help market your products to American consumers and companies.

We provide a variety of ways for you to work with us. We can build relationships with U.S. wholesalers and distributors and present your products to the markets. We can also help develop sales channels with American buyers. We can assist and guide you in the processes of financing and marketing of your products and inform you about the options available to you.

As your import management company, we will utlilize our resources and expertise to focus on methods for ensuring that your products are successfully delivered, marketed, and sold in the United States.

Wholesalers and distributors who are looking for quality overseas products to import to the United States, will find that our services will be a perfect ft for them to extend their range of products.